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Primary 1: Last Day of Term!

Good Morning Boys and Girls. We have made it to the last day of term. I think we need to say a big Thank-You to your mums, dads and other adults for stepping in and being surrogate teachers when we weren’t able to go to school. I think everyone, you and your adults, have done a FANTASTIC job and I am so impressed with how hard you all worked and how well you all adapted to this very unexpected change!

Normally on the last day of term we don’t really do very much work. If we were in school we might spend some time doing crafty things, watching a movie or simply having fun with our friends outside. Even though we aren’t in school I don’t want today to be much different. So, your task for today is HAVE FUN! You might choose to watch a movie with your family, plan a family fun day with some treats, have a family game day or anything else that you think is fun. If you’re able to, I look forward to seeing what you get up to!

I hope you all have a lovely Summer holiday and I am looking forward to seeing all your lovely smiley faces in August!

Miss Robinson 🙂


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  1. Alexis says a “big thank you and hopefully the sun will shine for the holidays” 😍😍😍😍😁😁😁


  2. Well done Primary one (parents and carers too). I’m sure you’ll agree this term has been one like no other but you’ve all made it. I’ve had the pleasure of helping Miss Robinson track your learning engagement and I mean it when I say I am blown away at all the fantastic things you have done. The virtual Disney trip was a firm favourite of mine.

    I was also lucky enough to read some lovely letters Miss Robinson sent to you all. I know how sad Miss Robinson was that you didn’t get to finish your first year at school in the traditional way. Miss Robinson was very sad too as it was also her first year teaching primary 1. I’m sure you will all agree that one day you will look back on these times with some fond memories of the time you were able to spend together as a family. Have a lovely summer everyone. I look forward to welcoming you back as big Primary 2s in August.

    Mrs Christie xxx


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