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Shamya is still in London with her mum and sister having a lovely time visiting all her family.

Working out

Good job keeping fit Shamya.


Primary 1: Last Day of Term!

Good Morning Boys and Girls. We have made it to the last day of term. I think we need to say a big Thank-You to your mums, dads and other adults for stepping in and being surrogate teachers when we weren’t able to go to school. I think everyone, you and your adults, have done a FANTASTIC job and I am so impressed with how hard you all worked and how well you all adapted to this very unexpected change!

Normally on the last day of term we don’t really do very much work. If we were in school we might spend some time doing crafty things, watching a movie or simply having fun with our friends outside. Even though we aren’t in school I don’t want today to be much different. So, your task for today is HAVE FUN! You might choose to watch a movie with your family, plan a family fun day with some treats, have a family game day or anything else that you think is fun. If you’re able to, I look forward to seeing what you get up to!

I hope you all have a lovely Summer holiday and I am looking forward to seeing all your lovely smiley faces in August!

Miss Robinson 🙂

Summer Holiday

As part of our last day some of you had a movie day, Amy and her sister Zoe watched Moana while eating popcorn, looks like you had a nice time girls😊

Movie time

It is the time of year where we will have been preparing under normal circumstances for our big girls and boys to start the transition from nursery to P1. Mrs Forth and Mrs June would like to wish Alfie, Amelia, Darren, Martha, Peter and Sami good luck as they leave nursery to return to School as Primary one pupils.

As always it has been an absolute pleasure for Mrs Forth and Mrs June to see the wee ones and be part of their journey, coming in to nursery, watching them grow, and helping them to learn new skills, independence and the confidence and friendships that will be the foundation for their journey through school. We have the best jobs😊


Happy Summer Holidays we look forward to welcoming you all back after the break 😊

Primary 1 Learning Tasks 1st July

Good Morning Boys and Girls. I am happy to hear that some of you have gotten your letters already. If you haven’t hopefully the postman will bring them today!

Literacy Listen to this story: and when you are finished I would like you to come up with your very own side kick.

You could either draw your sidekick beside you on your picture from Monday or draw it separately.  Does your side kick have any special powers? Can you write this beside them?
NumeracyGo to and have a go at the ‘up to 20’ option.
Art / ScienceI have included a selection of art  and science activities below. If you are able to (and have the resources) have a go at one of them.   If none of them appeal to you have a go at making a superhero accessory for yourself. It might be a mask, a cape, whatever you need!

Holiday time 1.7.20

Well boys and girls it is nearly time for us to go on our summer break, Mrs Forth and Mrs June have missed you all very much and we are really looking forward to us all being together again in our lovely nursery after our summer break.

We will both be working hard to make some exciting changes to our outside garden we think you will all love it. After the summer break we will be welcoming some new children to our nursery we are so looking forward to this – exciting times ahead.

As this is our last day together we would like each of you to pick your favourite movie, grab some popcorn or snacks and all cosy down together for family movie time. Neve and haggis have chosen Nanny McPhee. This is a very funny film about some naughty children who play lots of tricks on their new nanny, but she is a magical witch and all the tricks end up playing on the children!! Can you tell me what your favourite film is all about girls and boys?

As this is our last health week maybe you could go out in to Milton woods for a big walk try and do the 5km challenge, the woods are lovely at the moment full of nice green leafy trees, plants and flowers it really is very pretty. Maybe you could spot a lovely colourful butterfly, a ladybird or some fat yellow and black busy bees 🐝 they are all out and busy collecting food at present summer is their busy time.

Boys and girls you have all worked hard at our learning challenges however one boy has worked especially hard on every single challenge for this reason Mrs June and Mrs Forth would like to award our Star 🌟 of the week award to Zachary Mackay. Very well done Zachary we will put your photo on the star board as soon as we return.

Star of The Week

Fun day

Well girls and boys Zachary has been very busy organising a very special say for all his toys, he even dressed up as Marshall from Paw Patrol I think he looks amazing.

Is it Marshall or Zachary

Zachary and his mum made yummy cupcakes for the tea party and Zachary dad made a dog from balloons 🎈 how clever is that.

It looks as if you all had a super party 🎉

Happy (belated) Birthday Eilidh!

Miss Robinson was being very forgetful last week and forgot to include Eilidh’s pictures in our weekly update! (I’m like Dory from Finding Nemo!)

This was especially silly because Eilidh had her birthday last week and her mum sent me some lovely photos of her on her new bike and with her cake. I know some of the other girls in the class were also busy making cupcakes etc for Eilidh’s Birthday! I hope you had a lovely day Eilidh (it certainly looks like you did!)

Primary 1 Learning Tasks 30th June

Good Morning Boys and Girls.

I loved seeing some of your fabulous superheroes yesterday- you have all done a fantastic job.

PhonicsPlease go to  

You can choose which game or games you’d like to play from:
Option 1: In Ernie’s land you can choose Sentences and then the Easy Option (you might need some help reading the individual words but you should be able to put them into the correct order)
Option 2: In Ena’s World (click on the right arrow) you can choose sight words and choose the Easy Option
Option 3: In Sally and Percy’s world (click down from Ernie’s land) you can choose simple sounds. You should be able to do alphabet sounds and have a go at diagraphs and trigraphs (this will be trickier).
Option 4: In Sally and Percy’s world you can play blending sounds. (This may introduce some graphemes that you’re not familiar with but you could ask your adult to tell you what the grapheme is and use your initial sounds to help you place the labels.)
NumberTake a look at the image below. Each letter of the Superhero alphabet has been given a price. Have a go at solving the questions.  
Writing:I would like you to do a piece of writing explaining what super powers you would have if you really were the super hero that you designed yesterday.   Remember that it is okay of you aren’t sure how to spell the words- it is more important that you have a go by sounding the words out and using your phonics.

Primary 1 Learning Tasks 29th June

Good Morning Boys and Girls. I can’t quite believe that it’s the last week of term already. If we were in school we would be doing lots of fun things and spending lots of time outdoors so I’ve tried to plan some fun activities for you to do at home.

Please keep an eye out when your postman arrives this week as you should be getting a letter (from me) through the post.

Reading This week, for our last week of term we are going to have a topic focus on Superheroes.  

Please go to and listen to the story.   When you’ve finished listening can you discuss with your adult what you noticed about all of the Superheroes names?
PhonicsNow it’s your turn to come up with your own superhero. I would like you to use the same technique as the book and come up with a Superhero name for yourself. The first letter of your name should be the same as the first letter of your superhero name. for example of your name is Sarah, your super hero name might be Star Girl. Can you also design your own superhero costume? (I have included some template below if you would like to use them.)  

CHALLENGE: Can you give all of your family superhero names using the same technique. (You don’t have to draw them all)
NumeracyLook at the pictures of the superhero’s below. In each picture can you list all the different shapes that you can see.

Thank You

A huge thank you to Mrs Forth and Mrs O’Brien who gave up their own time last weekend to tidy the nursery garden and planters ready for the Nursery boys and girls to return to in August. It looks fantastic.

Mrs Forth plans to put her gardening skills into action over the holidays by purchasing grass seed & feed as well. She also tells me she has some plans for new additions to the garden too as well as planning a little paint job!

The grass, all freshly cut.

We are so lucky to have such dedicated staff (and family members). Thank you ❤